Can we trust Celsius Network (CEL)?

Hello, crypto community!

I have a story to tell, which, I think, is very important and should be considered by everyone who wants to, or is already using and investing in Celsius Network (CEL), so they don’t get scammed as I did.

My story is that I sent a transaction to my address in Celsius application. It required BUSD to be sent via its native blockchain (as seen on the first screenshot) which is either BEP2 or BEP20. The address was the same as the Ethereum address too, so, it could not have been BEP2 network. Therefore, when I thought the network should have been BEP20, I was being fairly reasonable.

Screenshot 1

The tokens are not visible in my Celsius application, but I can see that they have been delivered to the requested address. During a long communication with the Celsius Network support team (request number #347529) which lasted approximately one month, they told me that they did not support BEP2 or BEP20 network and that the transaction should have been made in Ethereum blockchain in ERC20 format. I asked why their application said the transaction should be made in native blockchain, they did not answer my question, but told me that they would solve the problem, which required manual work, therefore, it would take more time. I tried to be understanding concerning this matter but it has been too long. They have had enough time to update their application and to make it clear, that the transactions should be completed in ERC20 network (second screenshot).

Screenshot 2

Despite various correspondence with the support team and my attempts to contact the founder of the Celsius Network, my issue still hasn’t been resolved.

After all this, I have received neither an answer nor a solution.

I found a problem in their application, mistake which would have caused other people to lose their money as I did. Instead of thanking me and resolving my problem, they took all my money and are not even replying to me. I think it’s clear, what kind of company Celsius Network is and exactly how they work.

In the Emails I sent the support team I said I would publish my story if the attempts to fix my issue were not made. I have waited long enough and now I am asking you, is this not the exact definition of stealing money and scamming users?

Be aware of this company! They are unprofessional, liars and scammers!

Am I wrong for calling them scammers?

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