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Hello, crypto community!

I have a story to tell, which, I think, is very important and should be considered by everyone who wants to, or is already using and investing in Celsius Network (CEL), so they don’t get scammed as I did.

My story is that I sent a transaction to my address in Celsius application. It required BUSD to be sent via its native blockchain (as seen on the first screenshot) which is either BEP2 or BEP20. The address was the same as the Ethereum address too, so, it could not have been BEP2 network. …

Dear crypto community,

I shared my very disappointing and sad story :))) regarding Celsius Network here.

Long story short, the Celsius Network application asked me to send BUSD via its native blockchain. I sent it via BEP20 blockchain and my tokens disappeared. After numerous emails, they told me they did not support BEP2 or BEP20 network and that the transaction should have been made in Ethereum blockchain in ERC20 format. …

It has not been resolved, no answer, no reply.

Mari L

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